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"United Aero Helicopters staff have been involved in almost every major
fire campaign in New South Wales over the past 18 years"

United Aero Helicopters' ability to pilot and manage many aircraft during long fire campaign periods is well established. Our Management Systems ensure the following:

Rostering of pilots to safely manage fatigue levels and enhance pilot's peak performance.

Programming maintenance to provide maximum availability of the helicopters to the Fire Agency.

Rostering of Engineering staff to ensure that the aircraft are properly maintained whilst also considering the engineers fatigue levels.

Provisions of meaningful recurrence check rides to all pilots. United Aero Helicopters believe this is of utmost importance to our safe flying program, not just a legal hurdle to be side stepped.

Reliable lines of communication with the fire agencies. We make sure our lines of communication are open 24 hours a day.

Accurate recording of pilots hours and aircraft hours on a daily basis to ensure compliance with CASA and Agency rules.

United Aero Helicopters is able to provide the fire agencies with the following services:

  • Water bombing
  • Crew Transport
  • Initial Attack
  • Fire surveillance and patrols
  • Air Attack Platforms
  • Fire mapping
  • Infrared surveillance
  • Aerial Incendiary

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