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United Aero Helicopters has a long history of responding to natural disasters such as fires, floods and plague locust. Our pilots and managers are equipped and ready to respond to this unfortunate fact of Australian life.

Large areas of Australia's agricultural areas are at times inundated with flood waters making everyday tasks for local inhabitants and their livestock almost impossible.

Our helicopters provide the ideal tool to alleviate these difficulties by providing the following services through various government agencies such as State Emergency Services (SES), Department of Agriculture and Rural Lands Protection Board (RLPB):

Transport of simple everyday items of food, toiletries and household needs

Emergency evacuation and delivery of important medical supplies

Transport of isolated landholders and inhabitants

Survey of property, assets & infrastructure such as powerlines, fences & buildings

Transport of utility workers for maintenance

Fodder drops for isolated livestock

Mustering of livestock to drier land

External load transport of livestock in specially built cages

Aerial photo and film with live feed back to incident headquarters

Aerial mapping and observation

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