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United Aero Helicopters is often called upon to provide a common method of positioning equipment and materials in otherwise inaccessible locations, utilising the helicopter as an aerial crane platform. Conventional cranes are often cumbersome and time consuming to set up, experience maximum weight difficulties on certain surfaces and have limited reach on large factory sites. The helicopter can overcome these problems and usually at a fraction of the time.

As placing of equipment and materials by helicopter requires very accurate flying skills and competent riggers and ground handlers, you can be assured that the thousands of successful helicopter lifts conducted by the United Aero Helicopters team over the last 15 years will guarantee your job satisfaction.

Some of the more typical helicopter lifts conducted by our team are:

Accurate placement of airconditioners, fans, ducting and platforms
Rooftop building materials including roof sheets and steel structural materials
Spa baths and swim spas onto balconies, patios and back yards
Wet concrete in kibbles
Building site materials such as house frames, timber packs and plasterboard
Positioning of water tanks
Landscaping materials such as sand, rock, soil and timber
Power pole placement and powerline stringing
Drill rig construction

Call us now to organise a fast price estimate or a detailed site inspection. Our service includes the following:

Identify hazards and produce a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
Lifting of loads
Required number of ground crew with green cards and riggers licenses
All safety equipment for load rigging and positioning
All lifting equipment including strops, shackles, hooks and cargo nets
Supply all communication equipment
All appropriate insurances and approvals

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