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"United Aero Helicopters is the largest provider of Airborne
Geophysical Survey helicopters in Australia."

United Aero Helicopters has particular expertise in the highly demanding field of Airborne Geophysics. Our managers and pilots have all flown and/or organised many thousands of hours of survey flying in: Gravity & Seismic, Magnetometer, Spectrometer, Electro-magnetic, and Laser surveys.

Minimal cross track error on flight lines, very accurate height control whilst contouring and close attention to speed control, and at the same time keeping perfect swing control when bird towing, are all finely tuned skills acquired by our survey pilots. Our specific survey check & training programme is second to none when it comes to ensuring pilots can handle this flight profile.

Airborne Geophysical Survey operations are a vital part of the mineral exploration industry and as a result we are routinely audited by many of the major mining companies (See below the link to our section on Safety Management Systems).

Our aircrafts work all year throughout the country for our clients -all the major geo-survey companies in Australia and beyond- including BHP, Aurora, Rio Tinto and Zinifex. Contact us now for an obligation free consultation on how we can best service your needs.

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